Joe Caron


A photo of me working remotely.

I was a late bloomer. (Quick story, promise.)

I grew up an avid illustrator and lover of technology. Up until high school, you could find me illustrating comic strips, hand-building animals with clay, or animating choose-your-own-adventure PowerPoint stories on our family computer. Since my first AOL account, I was obsessed with computers and how they could augment my creativity.

“Whatever you do, don’t major in basket-weaving.”

Upon graduating high school, some misguided (but well-intentioned) advice from my father coupled with a severely unrealized sense of identity led me to embark on a degree in biology and chemistry. While I learned the power of the scientific method, I kept my creative side satiated with a studio art minor. Digital art classes and logo design projects were a much-needed reprieve from the likes of organic chemistry.

After quickly learning I was not born to be a scientist (shocker), I fell back to my love of design. Moving to San Francisco was the catalyst to discovering user experience design–the perfect combination of my analytical problem-solving and creative strengths.

Today, I’m right where I’m supposed to be–at the intersection of design, science, and business–and loving every minute of it.


Joe is dependable, professional, creative, and has always delivered within tight schedules and budget. As a designer, he is not shy to present his creative ideas and always brings a different perspective to the table. He's also a great team player and his enthusiasm is contagious!

Suhail Maqsood, Chief Operating Officer at Wheel House


We worked with Joe on a one-month design sprint bringing a new Employee Experience product to market. Joe had great attention to detail, communication efficiency, and quality of work. He has a great eye for design and delivered on our tight deadlines. We would definitely work with him again.

Bart Macdonald, CEO & Co-Founder at Sapling


Joe is great with customers and truly an expert in his field. My customers would not have been nearly as successful without his input and support. In addition, he's a great teacher. I learned a lot about UX from him!

Lauren Yarger, Customer Enablement Manager at QuanticMind