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 An experience designer's wedding


In September of 2018, I married a pretty cool guy. We invited the most important people in our lives to celebrate with us on the coast of Central California after a 19-month engagement. It went by in a blink, and was nothing short of spectacular.

This photo (and most others below) courtesy of  Jes Workman , our badass photographer.

This photo (and most others below) courtesy of Jes Workman, our badass photographer.


Weddings involve a lot of decision-making. Every little decision, from invitations to flowers to napkin color, contributes to the holistic experience of the wedding. As a UX designer, this sounds pretty familiar. πŸ€”

Definition of User Experience (UX):

β€œUser experience encompasses all aspects of a person's emotions and attitudes as they interact with a particular product, system, or service.”

Whether designing a wedding or piece of software, a good designer pays close attention to every little detail, putting the user (or guest) at the center. As the famous designer and architect Charles Eames once wisely said,

β€œThe role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.”

I’m no bridezilla. But like any passionate designer, I value good branding, attention to detail, and a less-is-more mentality. Add a deadline and a little signature Joe-Caron one-track mindedness and you get some detail-oriented obsessing. The end result: the Joe & Darin Wedding Experience (cue fireworks)!

Below are some of the goodies my husband and I designed for the big day. Enjoy!



– Save the Date –


Though we didn’t expect it, the Save the Dates set the brand from the beginning. I designed custom emoji for me and Darin by following Marek Minor’s guide here.


– Invitation –


The invitations were a little more formal (and more boring). Emerging emoji theme coming through in the RSVP cards, though. πŸ‘€


– Table Assignment –


The emoji seating chart was the talk of the night. We chose a single emoji for each guest; representing inside jokes, hobbies, and funny jabs. It was a great way to break the ice between people meeting for the first time.


– Shot Glass Wedding Favors –


The first Google Search result led us to to print our shot glasses. The heart lining up behind the type was a nice surprise!


– Photo Booth Strip –


Shoutout to Matt McBride at ThoughtBox Photo Booth for a great setup and helping us customize our strips!


– Signage –


We made these wood wedding signs following the guide on Though a little tedious, they came out great! πŸ™Œ


– Playlists –

Photo of our guests burning up the dance floor.

Naturally we wanted control over every touchpoint in the wedding to create the best experience possible. Given that the dancing was what we were most excited for, we curated three playlists for our DJ to play at different stages of the evening. The fourth playlist here was for the morning-after brunch. :)

You can find the Spotify playlists here:

Playlist 1: Intro | Playlist 2: Dance A | Playlist 3: Dance B | Playlist 4: Brunch


– Thank You Card –


We’re still in humble disbelief at how magical our wedding was and are so thankful to have amazing friends and family in our lives.



Thank you to all who made our wedding unforgettable! πŸŽ‰

Photo showing our guests seated at the dinner tables in black and white. Beautiful!